Hedgehog Care Info

Enclosures: A variety of cages are acceptable make sure there is enough ventilation, minimum 4 sq feet and the area is kept clean.

Bedding: we use pine shavings, and avoid shredded paper. They sometimes eat it and can have bowl obstruction.

Diet: Well balanced diet high in protein (mill worms, eggs, a mix of dry cat food)
  • Cat Food: Acceptable Cat food list from hedgehog Central

Water: We avoid water dishes since the hedgehogs have a tendency to relieve themselves in it, so we use water bottles affixed to the side of the cage.

Bathing: Warm water and a toothbrush we use baby tear free shampoo and normally bath every two or three weeks depending how dirty they get. Our hogs enjoy playing with balls while enjoying their baths.

Entertainment: A variety of objects can occupy your hedgehog, one of their favorites is a simple toilet paper roll. Take your hedgehog out for playtime avoid hamster balls.

Mites: can cause Losing quills, Biting, licking, chewing or scratching itself, Anorexia, Lethargy and very flaky skin. See your vet if you notice these symptoms.

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